Refreshing, creamy, and with a bit of chew

Chè:(Vietnamese pronunciation: [cɛ̂]) is any traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup or pudding.

The words 'Ăn Chè' means (Let's go) eat chè!'

Chè is a dessert enjoyed by many Vietnamese people. It comes in many forms such as a pudding, dessert soup or a jelly-based beverage. Since chè can be served hot or cold, it is a great treat to enjoy all year round.

All Natural

It is our firm belief that our food be made from quality ingredients and well sourced. This means no artificial colouring or pre-made pastes. All our dyes are hand extracted and derived from natural foods. All tapioca and agar jellies are made in house so we are always aware of what goes in our products. After all, we are what we eat.


All our chè are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Traditionally, Vietnamese people did not consume dairy so coconut milk was often used for its creaminess. And like most other Southeast Asian cultures, our desserts are mostly vegan and gluten-free. For example: cassava, rice flour, agar-agar, pandan, palm sugar, taro, and tropical fruits.

Our Vision

Our goal is to introduce traditional Vietnamese desserts and bring about renewed curiosity. By maintaining high quality ingredients in our baking, we wish to keep both the traditions of these desserts as well as pave a new path for the future of our heritage.